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clonlea studios

clonlea studios is set in the suburbs of south Dublin. In the mid 1970s, with an idealistic vision of future potential, Clonlea and its grounds were taken on by a psychiatrist, an astronomer, a sculptor and a yogi. It has since become an ongoing project, changing and developing out from ideas of what it can offer. It is currently part public and part private with a strange meeting of artists studios, yoga studios and living spaces, some of which fluctuate between all three uses. More of a retreat than an art venue, clonlea studios seeks to utilise its unusual context for artistic experimentation. Yet, rather than promoting a withdrawal from the world into its seclusion or producing a site of passive cultural consumption, it seeks to prompt active and critical engagement by inviting constructive interruption, reflection and transformation; opening its space into a dynamic meeting space for diverse practices and public participation.

The original building was built by Percy Le Clerc in 1946 with a 600 pound grant. Le Clerc was responsible for the conservation of national monuments and buildings. When it came to building his own house however, Le Clerc designed a distinctly modern building and claimed it was the first of its kind in Dublin. Some of itʼs engineering remains a curiosity.